You would have never thought that... How our grocery stores will look without bees? | Interesting | Articles

You would have never thought that... How our grocery stores will look without bees?

Hoping to pick up some chocolate, apples or mangoes during your next outing to the grocery store? What about an iced coffee with a splash of cream? Without bees, you can count all these foods out. What will happen if grocery stores remove all produce that comes from plants, dependent on bees?

What is missing? There is definitive lack of apples, carrots, cucumbers, green onions, lemons, mangoes, onions, broccoli etc. One of every three bites of food comes from plants dependent on bees. Without bees, we‘d have a less third variety of food to choose from. Many plant products which compose some of most nutritional part of our diets require bees to exist. They are critical link of our food system.

We take a hypothetical look at how diet and lifestyle would change if bees disappear. Image shown below is a startling example of what the loss of bees would mean for our food variety. Besides fruits and veggies, products like chocolate, flavored yogurts and almond milk would also be significantly impacted.

We are seeing alarming decline in bee numbers. Number of honey bee colonies has gone down. They are dying off in record numbers. They are in danger of disappearing. There will be dire consequences, as the world is loosing its black-and-yellow workers. It would mean a lot more than fewer stings. It means a world without fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. We rely on bees to a huge extent. World without bees could struggle to sustain human population.

2006 was the year when people realized that something big was going on with honeybees. The loss of flower meadows, diseases, parasites, increase in use of pesticides and other chemicals seem to have dramatically escalated the die off. Something has to be done to improve bee health; otherwise most of the interesting food we eat is going to be unavailable.

On a positive note: it’s not too late. There are planned defenses against this disaster. Urban beekeeping is on the rise in New York City. More people are taking up beekeeping either as a hobby or as a profession. They need to do it in a sustainable fashion.

“Bee part of the solution”

Plant bee-friendly flowers and fruits to provide forage for bees.

Do you know that the honeybee can sting once only and then it's dead?

By Guest Author: Naveenchandra N. Srivastava

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