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12 Things That Happens When You Study Away From Your Home Town

1. You get really excited once you meet anyone from your city.
“No wayyyy! You are also from there? ” ~instant bonding~

2. If you’re lucky, you will know anyone who’s come to the same uni as you.
If you’re really lucky, that person will be someone you really like, and if you’re less than fortunate, it’ll be someone you seldom know but keeps wanting to connect with you for some reason. More likely though, you’ll just know no one at all.

3. You barely go home
But because you go home less, you also be able to become much more independent. Which is just about the things university is all concerning.

4. You go home much less than most of your flatmates, since the journeys take up half your weekend.
There will also be sometimes weekends when half your flat all goes home at a time, leaving just you, the kid who fades every single night, and the guy who you’re pretty sure has never left his space.

5. Your accent will become crucial (whether you have one or not).
If you’re from somewhere having a famous accent and you don’t get one, you will be questioned about it endlessly. If you do have the accent, everyone will try as well as copy it. Badly.

6. You may ask each other which school you traveled to, and then freak out when they know someone you were really friends with.
You will ask one another which school you went , and then freak out when they know someone you were really friends with. Though a vague acquaintance from couple of years above is usually good enough.

7. You learn how to handle, and maybe even get used to long train journeys.
Let’s be honest, unless you have your world’s most incredible parents, they’re not going to be driving along the country to pick you up on a regular basis, so you have to become accustomed to spending four and a half hours stuck in a very hot carriage.

8. You may become friends with people from different backgrounds.
Whether it’s just people from a totally different area of the country, different countries altogether, people of different races or different economic backgrounds – and you will probably probably learn a lot as a result of it.

9. At one point you will drag a whole suitcase of dirty laundry halfway in the united states.
Your parents will not many thanks for it.

10. But that is nothing when compared to the end of term, when you somehow have for you to lug about five different bags on and off several trains.
RIP your back again, neck, and arms.

11. You may become extra proud of areas you are from (even if it’s shit).
Chances are you could have to defend it a few times, and absence only makes the very center grow stronger.

12. You will get mildly obsessed with some type of local food.
And then be eternally devastated that you can’t get it back household.

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