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10 things you must do to be prepared for marriage

1. Get at least one heart break:
Having break up teaches you about the wrong things about your relationship. So you will have some idea to prevent them from happening again.

2. Don’t get married with your first love:
Believe me, no one is perfect and so is your first love. Fall in love more than once and find out which kind of relationship you want.

3. List up what you won’t compromise:
First list up the values you will never compromise for anything. Discuss the lists with your partner before you get into relationship. At the same time get your partner’s list too.

4. Learn to love people as is:
If you expect your partner will change as you want then you live in a world of dream. So learn to love people as they are.

5. Learn to hold on your words when you are angry:
There will be disagreements in marriage, there will be fight. So learn to fight and don’t tell something bad which you regret of telling after you’re married.

6. Spend some time with kids:
You need to know how you feel being with kids. Discuss this with your partner and decide whether you want them, and when.

7. Build your career base:
It may sound cliché, but give your career little time as you are moving to a fully committed relation.

8. Decide why want to get married:
Why are you planning to get married? Decide on that. DO you love your partner? Do you love the party? Or you need to do as your parents are forcing? Find out the true reason before you take the final decision.

9. Meet your partner’s family and friends:
Marriage is not about you and your partner. It about family and friends also. So meet your partner’s friends and families before getting married.

10. Learn to apologize:
Again, no one is perfect. So you will definitely commit mistakes. Learn to apologize sincerely and give your partner the confidence that you are mature enough for a stable relationship.

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