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10 things to do if you lose your Job

1. Be cool
Losing a job is not easy to handle. But don’t panic. After all it’s not the end of the world. Panic only increases stress.

2. Enjoy the off days
It’s a long time you don’t have to do anything. You got few off days in your hand. Enjoy the days, do whatever you want. Meet your friends, have party. Remember you don’t get fired every day.

3. Use your spare time for your passion
You didn’t get quality time to fulfill your passion for work load you had. Now you have plenty of time.

4. Wake up early
Don’t sleep late as you have nothing to do. Fix something to do at the morning be it reading, exercise or gardening. Make sure you get up early as before.

5. New opportunity
Take this as new opportunity. Did you really love the job you were doing? If not, think about a new start with something new. You can start a new business at your own. You can think of a change of career path as well.

6. Notify your friends
To find out new job opportunities the first step is to notify your professional friends. Let them know you are fired and tell them to find something for you as early as possible. Don’t forget remind them about your technologies.

7. Work on your resume
It’s time to work on your resume again. Update with every detail.

8. Brush up your skills
Evaluate your skills honestly and brush up accordingly. If you have to join a new company you have to face the interview again, so get ready.

9. Get a job you like
Don’t take any job as you need a job urgently! Get the job you actually like. You will definitely love to work again.

10. And cut your expenses:
Finally, you have to restrict your expenses till you get a new source of income. After all you don’t know how long you have to wait for a new job!

All the best, hope you will get a good job very soon.

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