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10 super essential needs of taking leaves from work :)

1. You need the fresh air at least thrice a year.

2. You are bored of the known faces every day.

3. The same routine is becoming nightmare.

4. It is said that you can't concentrate on something more than 11 minutes at a time. So it is necessary to re generate your energy.

5. Let your boss feel your absence

6. Invent the beauty of the nature. It is also your duty, though you are not paid.

7. After an outing some where your office culture will not be that irritating.

8. You will miss the known, pathetic faces if it is a long outing.

9. If you meet some handsome guy/girl, it will give you a good memory.

10. You will have a topic to discuss with your colleagues rather than the daily frustrating news.

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