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10 Important blood tests every Indian Men must do

If you have completed 30 years you need to do the following blood tests once in a year. This will let you know how healthy you are. And you will come to know about the irregularities so you can take necessary actions, after all, prevention is better than cure.

1. Complete Blood Count: It will give the exact count of blood cells which will determine how healthy you are.

2. Glucose test: Need to check this regularly. If you have amount glucose more than the general limit it may affect your eye, kidney, nervous system etc.

3. HDL Cholesterol: HDL cholesterol is good to have. It reduces the chances of heart attack.

4. Homocysteine: This is an amino acid. Exceeding amount of this may cause heart attack, stroke, blood clotting etc.

5. C-reactive protein: Incase of inflammation in your body this increases.

6. Prostate specific antigen: If you have PSA more then there will be chances of prostate related diseases.

7. DHEA: This will decide about the youthfulness of your body. If you have it in right amount then you will have a a fit body.

8. Thyroid: Increase of thyroid causes goiter, heart beat rate etc.

9. Testosterone: If you have less testosterone in blood then it will decrease your sex-power. At the same time loose muscle, increase of belly fat, weakness of bone etc problems will arise.

10. Aspirin Resistance: It will decide whether aspirin will work on you at the time of heart diseases.

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