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10 genuinely good reasons to travel in Public Transport

1. You can feel the essence of people from different layer of your society.

2. You will be aware of daily news if you hear properly the discussions of others.

3. You can save your money if you meet someone whom you know. He/she will be surely interested to buy your tickets

4. You can feel you are not alone. So many people are around you.

5. You can give excuse like bus strike is the reason of your late in office.

6. You don’t have the boredom of same own private car. You can use bus, train, taxi, auto anything you want.

7. The finance factor. Money spent is very less than your own car.

8. There is always a chance to meet an old friend.

9. Many love stories begin in local bus/train.

10. As you are not driving, you can notice the advertisements better. Like where 50% sale is going on.

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