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7 high promising advertisements that never comes true

1. It’s a generation of Fair & Lovely(I am not indicating to particularly this product)!! Miracle of fairness cream, someone with typical dark complexion applying fairness cream just only over the face and became fair from head to toe! Totally like chain reaction!

2. “It’s easy to change for those who you love, Together we Can ”, “We understand your world indeed”, “Your Right Partner ” as if it’s not at all about your money rather you are going to be in live in relationship or married with any bank.

3. No matter how much great cook we are, we'll never be able to make the very same 2 minutes noodle as it looks like in its advertisement, and that 2 minutes business! Then have to practice eat unboiled!

4. What's the need of refreshing icy cool mint soap in a ice covered place (when you'll really think twice even before taking off your scarf, let alone to have a bath).

5. If only fragrance of some perfume can even dry the full water of a swimming pool, then isn't there a chance of getting dehydrated whoever is using it?

6. Nowadays no need to book flights or trains to travel around the world, have some mouth Freshener (specific one) and next moment you'll be at some different place(too cheap! Isn't it?)

7. After showing full tricks how to put lipstick on road if you don't have mirror and as well as flirting (even in front of his wife), it'll finally declare it’s an advertisement of scooty.

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