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Girls Aren't Interested in The Game At All, As They Are Busy Taking Selfies!

The girls in current era are more interested in their mobile than the real world, and they are highly obsessed with taking the selfies. And it has again been proven in on of the baseball game.

From the looks of this video, they're more interested in their selfie game than the actual baseball game. Some of the best athletes in baseball are playing their hearts out right in front of them, and they just don't care.

And the announcer couldn't bear this at all, and just ridicules and insults these girls on live commentary.

But first... let us take (lots and lots and LOTS) of selfies.FULL VIDEO:

Posted by 120 Sports on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sachin's greatest World Cup innings. And that Six vs Shoaib.

Cricket World cup is knocking the door and India will take on Pakistan in their very first match.

It’s always been a high tension match. The positive thing is that India has managed to win all the World Cup game against Pakistan. It’s always been a fight between Indian batsmen vs Pakistani bowlers.

Pakistani bowling attack with Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram was one of the best of that time, and so was India’s batting with Sachin, Sehwag, and Ganguly. In this video you will see Sachin dominating the Pakistani bowler to win another World Cup match. It was one of Sachin’s best ODI innings in World Cup.

And we bet you haven't forgotten Sachin's upper cut vs Shoaib. Watch again.

What all Indians will miss in 2015 World Cup?

World cup 2015 will start within a few days. We, Indians are eagerly waiting for the tournament, because we simple love it, and this is the only team game where we can do something good at world level.

India may retain the world cup or may not, they may miss the cup holding. We cannot say. But there's one thing all the common cricket fans will miss definitely. Guess what?

Television came to India in seventies. However late 80s or early 90s common people started having television sets at home (or at least one in their area). So, it was world cup 1992 which Indians enjoyed on televisions.

So, starting from 1992, Indians watched total of 6 world cup cricket tournaments. And only one thing is common in all these world cups. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. So, in this world cup we are definitely going to miss our dearest Sachin.

And at the same time, one interesting information is... in total of 6 world cup, where Sachin batted as an opener India did well.

He did not open in 1992, 1999, 2007 WC, and India either exited from group league or in 2nd round. Where as in 1996, 2003 and 2011 Sachin played as opener and India was semi finalist, finalist and champion.

Sachin will not play in 2015. We will miss him. And will hope for India to do well without him.

We even have a secret dressing room video of 2011 winning moments of Sachin that we bet you haven't seen.

Have a look!

We bet you haven't seen Sachin's 100th run this way when he got Century against Australia!

This is one of Sachin’s best century in Australia. He was on 99!

He scores the 100th run. How?

Just watch the video. Get the message and decide your action!

Pakistan are yet to celebrate a World cup win against India!

Indians always feel proud about the fact that India never lost to Pakistan in World Cup matches.

Coming 15th Feb will be the 6th time both the teams facing each other. Players of both the teams know that if they win against the arch rival then half the world cup is won!

Since 1992 supporters of Pakistan waiting to get the chance to celebrate! With this Idea, Star Sports came up with this brilliant Ad. Must Watch.

Some really funny moments of Cricket that you should not miss!

This time let’s have some funniest moment in the Gentlemen’s game.

This is a nice compilation of 10 funny moments which includes both players and spectator’s actions. Run out mishaps, missing the run out, skidding several times while fielding, peculiar type of out, spectators imitating player or ladies showing private parts are part of the funniest moment.

Watch the video, you will surely enjoy.

It's Virat's time in Mauka Mauka ad!

Fade up of South African's making fun of India. Virat Kohli takes strike and replies to them in his own 'language' and in his own style.

This spoof ad of 'Mauka Mauka' will make you LOL!

Player's eye view - Go-Pro version of the charity match

New Zealand batsman Brendon McCullum wore a GoPro camera as he captained the Rest of the World XI in their four-wicket defeat to a Help for Heroes XI in the inaugural Cricket for Heroes T20 fundraiser match at the Kia Oval on Thursday night.

Watch the highlights of the game between Help of Heroes v/s ROW here.

Epic World Record video - Truck jumps over racing F1 car

Are you a fan of Fast and Furious stunts? Then watch this video, as this stunt is way more epic that any of those shown in the movie.

Lotus F1 team tried to set a world record by jumping a truck over a racing F1 car, and here's the result.

And here's what the team them self said abouth this record...
"Why jump a semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car? In the spirit of pushing boundaries."

We bet that you will be laughing the whole day after seeing this collection of Record breaking Cricket moments

We bet you won't understand what Saeed Ajmal is speaking in english.
We bet that you will feel that Umar Akmal is most "Samajadar" guy of Cricket.
And we bet that a bowler can bowl without a ball.

Hilarious saves by a Goalkeeper - who gets hit in the face in each of the 5 penalty kicks!

This guy is indeed a legend. He saves each of 5 penalty kicks, but each time the ball hits his face.

He keeps on his feet in 1st attempt, than he keeps lying on the ground, than he keeps sitting on a chair, and each time it gets more funny and more epic.

And he ends up saving all 5 penalty kicks with his face, and wins the game for the team.

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