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Narendra Modi and His Love Towards Cameras in Action Yet Again - When He Pulls Mark Zuckerberg Away

No body comes between Narendra Modi and Camera, not even Mark!

Everyone knows the love of Narendra Modi towards camera, he just loves to be in sight of camera. And he is the one who knows the camera angles every time, and doesn't miss out on a single click.

This time at Facebook townhall Mark was between NaMo and camera. What did NaMo do? He just grabbed Mark's hand and pulled him away aside. Watch it yourself.

The Stunning Ninja Skills Used by Police to Save A Man Trying to Jump off from A Tall Bulding

The Chinese police also looks like having the Jackie Chan skills, when one of the Police officer jumps floors to save the man trying to jump from a tall building. Checkout the video here.

This young man in eastern China was going through a bad time in his life and thought taking his life was the only real answer to his family issues. But, thanks to the officer, he got saved.

How a Girl Helped to Catch a Big Cyber Cheat!

The digital cyber cell of Pune Police have captured a Delhi inhabitant for deceiving individuals on the guise of winning big stake prizes, while acquiring electronic things on the web. The denounced Munish Kumar used to cheat individuals through his site saveincart.

Reviewer Harinder Sekhon of the digital examination cell said the blamed had been hoodwinking individuals throughout the previous one year and was captured taking after a grievance by a Pune inhabitant Foram who was bamboozled of Rs 17 thousand.

How the blamed hoodwinked individuals
Sekhon said a case had been enrolled at police headquarters 11, Chandigarh, on the grumbling of Foram who is an inhabitant of Wakad, Pune. In his report, he specified that he had gotten a call from an obscure number that he could be the fortunate victor of a Royal Enfield cruiser in the event that he shopped from the site that was being utilized by the charged. She looked for an aggregate bill of Rs 17 thousand and paid through (installment portal). Nonetheless, the cost of the considerable number of things was Rs 6,200, said authorities.

Catching the denounced
Foram stopped an objection and when the police propelled an examination, it was found that the versatile number on the site and organization was enlisted at an address in Badarpur, New Delhi, yet the organization was mysteriously absent.

All confirmation, including cell phone sets, PCs and solicitations, has been recouped, the chief of the organization.

4 weirdo inventions that has not been used ever

How about some of these inventions that has not been used since they were made, or may be used only by their innventors only.

1.The kicking device

The device for kicks was invented in USA. This device permits you to get kicks for fun.
It consists of four pedals attached to the end of the shoes that will give kicks. Man gets back to these pedals, then bends down and presses the pedal located on the other side. Thus the user can adjust the frequency of kicks.

2.The horizontal shower

Shower for the lazy persons who doesn't won't to get up even after getting up. :)

3.Alarm in baby diapers

There is a sensor in baby diapers, which indicates the level of moisture. It means that when the baby becomes wet, the sensor will give parents a special signal

4.The Fliz bicycle

The Fliz bicycle was invented in Germany.
To drive it you only need to buckle up. Such bike has no pedals, no seat.
We even don't know how to use this.

Press 'R' in this Ad video, and you will get a complete new parallel story

Honda has come up with this incredible interactive ad.

This time they have an interactive video called 'The other side'. They have two complete different but parallel story in a single video.
When you press 'R', you will see an ordinary good man turn into a bad man, and driving the newly launched Honda R model

Reality of our so called "exciting" era!!

Our old generation think that this era is of change, movement, excitement, it’s too modern. But really are we that fast and vibrant?

If we analyze without being partial to ourselves then will come to know that we are deliberately boring, static, obsolete offspring. Nothing can entertain us as much as steadiness does. Sounds terrific?? From the first book to till now(may be 1/2 exceptions) in each and every book Chetan Bhagat is trying to show that in every love story approaches are always from girl side ,the boys always give the girl cold shoulder and the girl is officious, obstructive over the boy, as Ananya over Krish same Riya over Madhav. Still on any upcoming book of his our reaction is like oh-my-god-Chetan-Bhagat!!

Same as Durjay Dutta, intimacy details is like the main ingredient in every book, still if our friends ask us about some recent book of his “did you read that book?” our expression is like “oh holy crap, how can I miss it, will read it today itself” as if there is any new story except his or his girlfriend bed scene. Not only with books same for movies, we'll not get ever bored with Dabang,Dabang 2,3 4 and so on in spite of knowing that our beloved Salman Khan will consistently perform some unreal, legendary actions. If we keep aside entertain world, in our lifestyle we are as boring as primitive human.

We'll never get tired of trim our clothes, we never think that it’s enough of nudity, nowadays it’s not fashion it’s obvious. We get bored to see bikinis, short dress still have dormant desire to check that out to prove ourselves modern. This is not the end but some live examples. Think your activity and you'll find hundreds of these. Ya, we are modern, fast, moving generation but just from outer side not utterly.

Respect your nation. Respect your national anthem.

This is an award winning Indian ad.

But, before you click on play video I will request you to be prepared to stand up to respect your National anthem. If you respect your nation you must respect your national anthem.

Protest against eve teasing!

There were lots of procession, protest against rape. People from everywhere joined the protest. But still at the event of eve teasing, they become numb. They pretend as they have not seen or heard anything.

You need to learn from this old man! If you cannot act, then “thodi saram karo”.

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