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Never Heard Facts About FRIENDS!


Things you surely do not know!

Never Heard Facts About How I Met Your Mother!

How I met your mother!

Things you surely do not know!

Make 3D Holograms From Your Smartphone Using Just Old Stuff From Home!

Bu this simple DIY project you can make your smartphone a 3D hologram projector. You can create 3D hologram of any 2D images/videos on your smartphone.

All you need is an old CD case, a sharp knife, some tape, a pen, a ruler and graph paper. The videos that make use of this device play the same video from four directions, and when these are reflected in the panes of your new device, it looks like a floating 3D hologram! Simple.

Infographic - 24 Countries You Can Travel Without a Visa, by Having Just Indian Passport

Are you a Travel freak?

Then you must check out this list of countries, you can travel without a Visa as an Indian passport holder.

Check the INFOGRAPHIC about 24 Amazing International Vacations Indians Can Take Without A Visa.

List of countries you can Travel without visa

A Baby Sees The World Clearly for The 1st Time, And Her Reaction to That is Too Cute!

"Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction smile emoticon melts my heart"

That's what the baby's mother has to say while posting this video. She elaborates situation on Facebook post "She hasn’t crawled yet, and I thought maybe there was something wrong with her eyesight so I took her [to a doctor]. She is +7.00 in one eye and +5.00 in the other. The doctor said that is more than likely why she hasn’t crawled".

Watch how A baby girl named Piper recently received her first set of glasses, and her reaction as she clearly sees her family for the 1st time.

Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction :) melts my heart

Posted by Jessica Sinclair on Saturday, June 6, 2015

In 3 Minutes - Women's Beauty Changed over The 3000 Years of History

How can you see through the history of women beauty? Simple. In this 3 minute video.

This video created by BuzzFeed based on Idea that "We all probably have some idea of how women from all of the different historical periods in the video dressed, but the idea that there were different ideal body types may not have occurred to many of us. The uniform white bathing suits that all of the models in the video are wearing help accentuate the differences between their bodies."

12 Things That Happens When You Study Away From Your Home Town

1. You get really excited once you meet anyone from your city.
“No wayyyy! You are also from there? ” ~instant bonding~

2. If you’re lucky, you will know anyone who’s come to the same uni as you.
If you’re really lucky, that person will be someone you really like, and if you’re less than fortunate, it’ll be someone you seldom know but keeps wanting to connect with you for some reason. More likely though, you’ll just know no one at all.

3. You barely go home
But because you go home less, you also be able to become much more independent. Which is just about the things university is all concerning.

4. You go home much less than most of your flatmates, since the journeys take up half your weekend.
There will also be sometimes weekends when half your flat all goes home at a time, leaving just you, the kid who fades every single night, and the guy who you’re pretty sure has never left his space.

5. Your accent will become crucial (whether you have one or not).
If you’re from somewhere having a famous accent and you don’t get one, you will be questioned about it endlessly. If you do have the accent, everyone will try as well as copy it. Badly.

6. You may ask each other which school you traveled to, and then freak out when they know someone you were really friends with.
You will ask one another which school you went , and then freak out when they know someone you were really friends with. Though a vague acquaintance from couple of years above is usually good enough.

7. You learn how to handle, and maybe even get used to long train journeys.
Let’s be honest, unless you have your world’s most incredible parents, they’re not going to be driving along the country to pick you up on a regular basis, so you have to become accustomed to spending four and a half hours stuck in a very hot carriage.

8. You may become friends with people from different backgrounds.
Whether it’s just people from a totally different area of the country, different countries altogether, people of different races or different economic backgrounds – and you will probably probably learn a lot as a result of it.

9. At one point you will drag a whole suitcase of dirty laundry halfway in the united states.
Your parents will not many thanks for it.

10. But that is nothing when compared to the end of term, when you somehow have for you to lug about five different bags on and off several trains.
RIP your back again, neck, and arms.

11. You may become extra proud of areas you are from (even if it’s shit).
Chances are you could have to defend it a few times, and absence only makes the very center grow stronger.

12. You will get mildly obsessed with some type of local food.
And then be eternally devastated that you can’t get it back household.

The Best Rahul Gandhi Troll Till Date - RG's Attempt to Sing A Remix

Just when you think Rahul Gandhi jokes can't get better, you have this.

Check out this absolute hilarious video where RG tries to sing a song called "Congress party ko desh se nikalo"!

You would have never thought that... How our grocery stores will look without bees?

Hoping to pick up some chocolate, apples or mangoes during your next outing to the grocery store? What about an iced coffee with a splash of cream? Without bees, you can count all these foods out. What will happen if grocery stores remove all produce that comes from plants, dependent on bees?

What is missing? There is definitive lack of apples, carrots, cucumbers, green onions, lemons, mangoes, onions, broccoli etc. One of every three bites of food comes from plants dependent on bees. Without bees, we‘d have a less third variety of food to choose from. Many plant products which compose some of most nutritional part of our diets require bees to exist. They are critical link of our food system.

We take a hypothetical look at how diet and lifestyle would change if bees disappear. Image shown below is a startling example of what the loss of bees would mean for our food variety. Besides fruits and veggies, products like chocolate, flavored yogurts and almond milk would also be significantly impacted.

We are seeing alarming decline in bee numbers. Number of honey bee colonies has gone down. They are dying off in record numbers. They are in danger of disappearing. There will be dire consequences, as the world is loosing its black-and-yellow workers. It would mean a lot more than fewer stings. It means a world without fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. We rely on bees to a huge extent. World without bees could struggle to sustain human population.

2006 was the year when people realized that something big was going on with honeybees. The loss of flower meadows, diseases, parasites, increase in use of pesticides and other chemicals seem to have dramatically escalated the die off. Something has to be done to improve bee health; otherwise most of the interesting food we eat is going to be unavailable.

On a positive note: it’s not too late. There are planned defenses against this disaster. Urban beekeeping is on the rise in New York City. More people are taking up beekeeping either as a hobby or as a profession. They need to do it in a sustainable fashion.

“Bee part of the solution”

Plant bee-friendly flowers and fruits to provide forage for bees.

Do you know that the honeybee can sting once only and then it's dead?

By Guest Author: Naveenchandra N. Srivastava

7 World’s Weirdest Hotels you must stay in

Are you tired of seeing and staying in the same luxurious hotels, which have all the beautiful looks and amenities, then you must look at our top 7 weirdest hotel's list, and go and experience them, as it contains hotels which are made of salt, snow and even 'nothing'.

1. Das Park Hotel

Das Park Hotel located in Linz, Austria is actually a number of repurposed drainpipes that have been turned into rooms. It’s one of the greatest examples of how people can reuse materials and goods. The workers used only varnish and wall paintings to transform the pipes into comfortable accommodation. Since the space of each room is about 2 square meters, there are only a bed, light, power and ventilation in the room.

2. Palacio de Sal

This hotel is in Bolivia and is made entirely from salt. The floors, walls, and ceiling are made from salt. Even the bed and chairs are made of salt. Each room has a private bath.

3. The Hobbit Motel

The Hobbit Motel can be found in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. The hotel is made of polystyrene blocks, which keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The roof is covered with thick grass and you always have amazing view from the window.

4. Null Stern Hotel

The world’s first zero star hotel is located in Teufen, Appenzellerland, Switzerland. Their catch-phrase is “the only star is you.” The hotel was built in a cold war bunker and there are no windows. This hotel is another example of reusing old disused buildings. The Null Stern Hotel was nominated for the best innovation of the year at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards (2009).

5. Capsule Hotels

In Japan capsule hotels are quite popular. The idea of capsule hotels first appeared in 1979. Since that time capsule hotels are part and parcel of Japanese culture. These hotels are perfect for unpretentious people who need overnight accommodation and basic service. They are small measuring only 1 x 2 meters. Many of the capsule hotels do offer television and wireless internet, but usually don’t allow eating inside the capsule.

6. Ice Hotel

If you’re looking for a unique experience, the IceHotel is a must. Opened in 1990, this hotel in Lapland, Sweden is rebuilt every winter. The IceHotel is the original. It has 65 rooms with beds made of ice. Opt for Ice Rooms, Snow Rooms, Art Suits, Northern Light Rooms or Deluxe Suits. While the temperature inside will be a chilly -5 Celsius, it’s warmer than the -15 Celsius outside.

7. V8 Hotel

Are you a car fanatic? The V8 Hotel in Meilenwerk, Germany may be your cup of tea. Both design and architecture are about automobiles: legendary vintage cars, sporty timers, exclusive cars and rarities will definitely create the racing mood! Each room has an automotive theme as well.

10 craziest and unbelivibale things found on Google Maps

Those Google Maps autos and satellites catch life as it happens. You never realize what you'll discover when getting to the road and/or satellite perspective of a new region on the administration. It could be something irregular, unnerving, silly, or amazing. You simply never know. Google Maps never quits being a wellspring of tremendous excitement.

1. A man driving car from the future

2. The real big Creature in New Zealand Bay

3. An abandoned movie theater in the middle of the Sinai Desert

4. Google maps can't hold on when a plane flys by

5. A hidden message - "Eat Me"!

6. Thanks to Google glithces man's arm turn into a real giant arm

7. Pigeon people do exists

8. The guy goes crazy and chases Google maps car

9. Cat shaped strange path

10. Man has a cat on hid head

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