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What if these 10 brands had to put honest slogans?

All brands have a slogan or a tagline. But, how many are true?

MOM tries to identify the honest slogans for these brands, and they are truly hilarious.

Nokia – Connected people – once upon a time

Vicco Bajradanti – The Ultimate Karaoke song

Channel V – Shows for rebellious teenagers

Ashish Nehra – Making 9gag profitable

Fevicol – You know you like to smell us

Lays – 90% air, 10% fat

Polo – No one can eat just one

Kurkure – Because Lays isn’t available

LinkedIn – Add people but never talk to them

Idea – Keeping Abhishek Bachhan employed, since 2010

Americans try Panipuri, Aloo Chips, Hajmola and more, and here's their reactions!

American's don't eat anything too spicy.
BUt, this time they try to eat Indian food, including Panipuri, Masala Aloo Chips, Hajmola Golis and much more.

And this video will show you their hilarious reactions.

The Darwin Awards - For the people who died coz of exceptional stupidity

It began in 1985, or something like that: smarty pants nationals of what would one day be known as the web gathering stories of deaths so staggeringly dumb that the victimized people were said to have helped human advancement without anyone else present 'selecting' themselves for elimination.

What's more for two decades now the Darwin Awards have recorded these peculiar, heartbreaking or absolute senseless downfalls.


The early history of the Darwin Awards is littered with garbage sections – urban legends, fake stories, or genuine ones from diverse focuses ever.
Yet one recompense is stamped "affirmed genuine": the story of two pilots found in the wreckage of their plane "in part dressed" with one of the seats in "full behind leaning back position."
A report from the US National Transportation Safety Board said: "Examination of the people's apparel uncovered no proof of tearing or trouble to the zippers and cinchs."
It went on accuse the passings for "the pilot in order's dishonorable in-flight choice to redirect her consideration regarding different exercises not identified with the behavior of the flight." The Darwin Awards had been conceived with a blast.


James Burns, 34, of Michigan, USA, kicked the bucket while endeavoring to repair his truck from underneath while it was still in movement.
Neighborhood daily papers reported that Burns had asked his companion to drive the truck on a thruway while he clung to its undercarriage in a doomed endeavor to work out the wellspring of an interesting clamor it continued making.


This present year's honor top went to a Polish agriculturist, Krystof Azninski, who "staked a solid case to being Europe's most macho man by cutting off his own particular head."
As per Reuters reports, Mr Azninski and his companions, who had been drinking, chosen to strip stripped and participate in a challenge of manliness. They began by hitting one another over the head with solidified turnips, however when one man cut off his own particular foot with a cutting tool, Azninski felt urged to react.
One of the men was cited as saying: "It's entertaining, on the grounds that when he was adolescent he put on his sister's clothing. In any case he kicked the bucket like a man."


To Holland, where a gathering of representatives on an organization outing gave decades worth' of caution for raucous youngsters to keep their furthest points inside the vehicle.
Two men had their heads out of the window, singing in the wind, when the transport entered a viaduct. The escort said he had not bolted the window on the grounds that he didn't think grown-up travelers would be sufficiently inept to need it.


In Akron, Ohio, 23-year-old Michael Gentner is said to have gulped a five-inch-long live fish on a challenge. When he started to gag on it, companions called an emergency vehicle, yet just said their companion had 'consumed some fish'. Paramedics were astonished to think that its tail fluttering in his mouth.
Agent Police Chief Michael Matulavich said he would likely not charge Gentner's three companions. "I don't recognize what you'd charge them on. In the event that I challenge you to bounce off a scaffold and you do it, and you're 23 years old, you're idiotic," he told journalists.


September 1999 saw clash in Jerusalem of an unordinary nature, or something like that the Darwin Awards claim. Israel's legislature changed from sunlight funds time a year ahead of schedule to suit presunrise petitions to God, while the Palestinian Authority declined to live on "Zionist time".
A gathering of Palestinians endeavored to synchronize the explosion of two auto bombs in the city. In any case the clocks had been determined to Palestinian time while the drivers were running on Israeli time. The bombs blasted an hour early, killing both.


In Houston, Texas, a 19-year-old man named Rashaad passed on endeavoring to play Russian roulette with a self-loader gun rather than a pistol.
This story has had a repulsive existence in the wake of death as a supremacist pic – simply enlighten the joke concerning whichever minority you loathe, and snicker at their ineptitude.


In Oregon, USA, a man lost control of his truck and smashed it into an utility shaft convey high voltage force lines.
Later, he was discovered lying face-down next to his vehicle with a couple of pruning shears in his grasp. Police estimated that he had arrived at up to cut the starting link lying over his truck.


A Wisconsin man had a longstanding sensual amusement with his wife where she would put the barrel of an emptied shotgun against his scrotum and he would let her know to force the trigger.
This time, the up and coming landing of one of his wife's companions appears to have made them hurry, in light of the fact that the firearm was stacked. The man survived, acquiring an uncommon Living Darwin Award for his dismissal toward oneself from the human quality pool.


A British lady, whose name has been expelled from the Darwin Awards site at the solicitation of her family, passed on endeavoring to smoke a cigarette out of the traveler entryway of a National Express mentor moving at 60mph. The lady had supposedly become frantic for a smoke amid the long voyage south from Glasgow.


An Italian named Fabio had left his place of employment as an ostrich agriculturist to drive trucks, and in his extra time constructed his own spy devices.
In a pub with companions, he created his most recent development: a solitary shot gun shrewdly hid as a pen. To demonstrate it was met expectations, he pointed it at his head and clicked the catch. It did.


A mugger in Bloemfontein, South Africa, is said to have moved into a tiger confine while attempting to escape the powers. Taking flight from an exploited person who shouted, he mixed up a wall without understanding that the other side was a ten meter drop into the creatures' natural surroundings.


A 33-year-old man was discovered wounded to death in his own home in Leicester, with no sign of a battle and no self-destructive inclinations.
Anyway an examination unraveled the puzzle


As we get closer to the present day, the Darwin Awards get more dependable. This one was offered reflectively to a demise in 2004 which took eventually to clarify.
Michael Warner, 58, with a history of liquor abuse, consistently got tanked by douche in light of the fact that a throat contamination made it terrible to drink them. Anyhow liquor conveyed rectally is more intense, so the two 1.5 liter containers of sherry he devoured that night were all that anyone could need to murder him.
His wife, Tammy Jean Warner, was captured for his homicide, yet in 2007 the charges against her were at long last dropped.


Adelir Antonio de Carli was a Catholic cleric in Brazil – a candid pundit of human rights infringement by the police, and an accomplished sky jumper. To raise cash for philanthropy, he prepared his parachute, head protector, GPS, nourishment, water and warm suit and took to the sky in a seat connected to 1,000 helium inflatables.
The main issue was that he had not figured out how to utilize his GPS gadget. In the wake of climbing to 6,000 meters, he made a phone bring in which he requested help with the gadget. None was given. Nine days after lift-off, the Brazilian Navy surrendered its hunt.
After two months a piece of the cleric's body was found by an on oil apparatus help team 100km out to ocean. The Darwin Awards announced this a 'twofold Darwin', since the chastity of Catholic clerics as of now expels them from the evolutionary stream.


In South Carolina, USA, a man spread painted his face to camouflage himself amid a burglary – and after that passed on from the exhaust.
Michael Gregory Thomas, 23, and Thomas James, 24, victimized an accommodation store at gunpoint. However notwithstanding clear names which said it ought not be permitted to contact the skin or the eyes, Mr James spraypainted his face gold. Eventually after the burglary he quit relaxing.


This Korean man had the questionable refinement of being the first Darwin Award beneficiary whose passing was gotten on feature.
In the wake of missing a lift, the man moved back his wheelchair and over and again slammed into the entryways trying to constrain them open. He succeeded – however the lift had officially gone.


An Australian man plunged to his passing from a seventh-story overhang in light of the fact that he had been "planking" on its railing.
Planking, on the off chance that you didn't have an inkling, is a fever where individuals take photographs of themselves lying level as a board in surprising areas.
David Tyrrell, a conferred plankster from Queensland, said the man was not illustrative of the planking group: "Those gentlemen would be a minority – the individuals that do something idiotic, in the same way as a movement light."


This present year's recompense went to Gary Allen Banning, a 43-year-old man who unintentionally drank from a jug containing gas and after that smoked a cigarette.
Mr Banning was at a companion's flat when he mixed up a salsa container loaded with for a beverage. It's not as though he didn't perceive – he rapidly spat it out – however he didn't understand the fuel had gotten on his garments. The poor man blast into flares.


The penultimate Darwin Award is best left to the site itself to clarify:
"The passing of a man who tumbled down a lift shaft at Tampa International Airport a year ago was ruled incidental – if one considers constraining open the lift entryways, bouncing around the links, and wrapping your arms and legs around them to abate your plunge 'a mishap'."
Chad Wolfe, 31, landed at the airplane terminal with his mate just to be discovered dead at the base of the pole the accompanying morning. Security cam footage demonstrated to him drinking from what had all the earmarks of being a scaled down flask of alcohol. An alternate cam demonstrates to him attempting to climb a little tree.


Two men in Rotterdam, Netherlands, were murdered in what appeared to be an alternate smashed challenge of machismo.
One man set down on the tracks, holding up for the train to pass overhead, while an alternate essentially bowed down beside them with his head in the method for the train.
Onlookers told the Dutch media that they had been brave one another about to what extent they could hold up until a train arrived.

People give amazing lame excuses when they get caught by traffic police!

Have you broken the traffic rule? Did not stop at the red light or slowed down at yellow? Don’t have number plate? Going high above the speed limit? And then caught by a traffic police for any of the reasons? Don’t worry we are providing you the excuses.

Watch the below video.

Yes, all these stupid excuses or a little bribery will save you from the traffic police. But it may not save your life and even take innocent peoples’ lives. So, stop giving lame excuses, follow the traffic rules to live and let live.

10 weird reasons to love winter

1. Money saving!! Trim your budget by excluding the extra expense of perfume.

2. Girls it’s your season. No need to put blushers. You will get by default rosy red (dry/cracked) cheeks; just avoid cold cream (another money saving idea).

3. Take advantage of your nasal congestion. Over phone you can sound as if you are crying, use it on your tough time in arguments.

4. Remiss students, enjoy the protection of quilt. You can easily have a nap in between study behind your quilt.

5. Who is going to check whether its lipstick or lip balm! School going girls, lipstick is prohibited in school? In winter fulfil your this hidden desire in pretence of lip balm.

6. Once again money saving. No sweltering heat, no intolerable sunshine, smooth to walk. Walk more save transport fare.

7. Winter withdraw one your extra headache, no need of waxing girls! Season of sweater!

8. Unlimited excuse of taking alcohol. Suffering from cold, take RUM! Christmas, new year… cheers with a drink!!

9. Hydrophobic creatures, its time of knowingly forget to take bath. Season of skipping bath.

10. Last and obvious reason for close-fisted householder, no fans and even in night you save the electricity in pretence of warming yourself by fire.

We have a collection of ads that are too ridiculous to watch .. :)

Watching a movie or soap or news in TV and ad break comes. It’s irritating and we think WTF!

And to add to that, You will get no clue with the product they are marketing... Whether it’s a Cement or lingerie ad, it’s anti rape ad or a mobile store ad, it’s bike or jeans ad.

Well to get the detail watch this hilarious video.

10 Photos that will surely make you laugh

1. One must read and understand before using any product.

2. Respected Aunty, don’t do this in public!

3. The cute girl, by now is famous in virtual world!

4. Want to get wet? Get married.

5. Mango sold at the price of grape

6. Where did he get all those flowers?

7. It’s festive time. Best offer.

8. The King is sitting there!

9. Messi needs to learn from this Desi.

10. Why cold countries will have all the fun??

Feeling lazy to go to office? 7 never heard excuses you can use to bunk the office

Feeling lazy to go to office? And you know boss won't get into "I am sick" excuse.

Then we have a list of excuses that your boss wouldn't have heard yet, and to which he can't say No!

1. I am working from home: Firstly, your company has to allow it. And if permits, you know you need not to work whole day.

2. Contagious illness: I am sick does not work anymore. Use some name which is contagious, like conjunctivitis, flue etc.

3. Death in the family: You can kill someone, as excuse. But do not overuse.

4. Sick Child: Well it’s a good excuse, but make sure you have a kid.

5. Cramp: Well, too specific for women. But a good excuse, no one will say anything.

6. Severe weather: Okay, you can use this one. But be sure the weather is really bad enough, other people are going to office!

7. Serious family problem: This one will also work, but you have to show the confidence(over phone) that you are really in a big problem.

10 Photos that will surely make you smile and make your day!

1. Noted down

2. Coming soon…green car

3. Well directed

4. Creative artist!

5. You really Matter

6. Love and affection

7. It’s my birth day

8. Will you marry me?

9. I have done it

10. “Grass” effect

VJ Jose totally mis-heards lyrics of these songs, and the result video is totally LOL!

People like me, who are not a native Hindi speaker often mishears the Hindi lyric.

One famous song, until few days back I heard like “Mujhe Need na aaye, mujhe chaye pina hyay… koyi chaye zara dhundh ke laye”. And was till meaningful –“ I am not getting sleep, so need some tea. Someone bring me some tea”.

And also, many of us heard this as “aa Thuk maaloo main teri haato mein”. And VJ Jose made this wonderful video with the misheard lyrics. Watch it for the lyric, you will definitely get a new meaning of the song and will laugh a lot. Watch….

10 innovative reasons why you should not work

1. There is no hurry to wake up in the morning when the temperature is very low outside.

2. There is no daily routine. You can create your own.

3. No boredom of same work every day.

4. If you have enough money, you can find several ways to spend them like shopping, movies etc.

5. If you don’t have money, everyday you can think if a new way for your food.

6. You can easily share the pain and happiness of others as you have enough time.

7. If your friend asks if you are free for a dinner or movie, you never dishearten them.

8. You are never bounded to any profession. Sometimes you can think of you as a poet, sometimes painter, sometimes actor, sometimes businessman.

9. You always have enough time for your family. They will never complain.

10. You are always updated with your local news as you have enough time to spend at your local tea shop

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